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Ombre Brows goes by several names including: Powder Brows, Microshading. This technique utilizes a specially designed semi-permanent makeup pen to quickly deposit pigment into the brow to create a powder-like effect.


“Ombre” simply refers to the way in which we build the color; lighter in the fronts of the brows and gradually becoming darker as we work toward the tails for a natural effect.


Perfect for dry, normal and oily skin types.


Average results can last 18 to 36 months depending on skin type, health, and lifestyle.



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Appointment length: 2.5- 3 hours

Blonde Ombre Brows before and after by Color Lab NYC
Ombre Brows for light brown hair by Color Lab NYC
Ombre Brows for mature skin by Nneka Garel-Portes of Color Lab NYC

Welcome to Color Lab NYC, where we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. If you're tired of filling in your eyebrows every morning, struggling to achieve a symmetrical look, or even experiencing hair loss due to aging or over-tweezing, we have the perfect solution for you - our Ombre Brow service.

Let's face it, filling in your brows can be a real pain, especially when you're trying to achieve that perfect arch. And who has time for that in the morning rush? With our Ombre Brow service, you'll wake up every day with perfectly shaped and filled-in brows, without any extra effort on your part.

But that's not all. We understand that losing brow hairs due to aging or over-tweezing can be a real blow to your self-esteem. That's why we specialize in creating natural, healed results that enhance your unique features and restore your confidence.

Our New York City clients prefer a more natural effect, so feel confident in knowing you’ll leave looking amazing. 

We use only the highest quality pigments and techniques to ensure that your brows look stunning and last for up to two years.

So why wait? Book your Ombre Brow service with Color Lab NYC today and say goodbye to the hassle of filling in your brows every morning. Our empathetic and experienced staff will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process, and you'll leave our studio feeling like a brand new woman. Trust us, your brows will thank you.


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