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Our lash lift services offer you the opportunity to wake up with beautiful long, curled lashes without all of the fuss of a lash curler and clumpy mascara in a short 45 minute service!


Your artist will use silicone rods placed on the lids in combination with a keratin lifting cream and nourishing serum to lift and curl your natural lashes with results lasting up to 12 weeks! Best yet…you can swim and get them wet in the shower without damaging your lift!



  • If your lashes are extremely short, this service is not for you.

  • Do not book the lash lift service if you are allergic to latex (water soluble glue is used to place lashes on rods). 

  • Additionally, a patch test can be provided to anyone concerned about possible allergy sensitivities prior to booking.


Lift: $149/ 45 mins

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Variant_1.png
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